Christian Online Counsellor

How I work as an online counsellor

Going for counselling is never easy. For some, it may feel as though it is allowing people to pry into ‘their business!’ Perhaps the testimonials I have received will be an encouragement to help you venture into counselling as you read them.

My approach to counselling

My approach is based on Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Therapy (PCT) on the premise that: everyone has the internal resources for growth and an underlying instinct to fulfill his or her inherent potential, that self-regard is a basic human need, and people are motivated to seek the truth. Knowing the “real self” is often lost at the expense of own self-concept or self-image which may have become heavily dependent on the attitudes of others in terms of how people perceive them.

As a therapist it is important to remember these three pre-requisites:

Alongside this is my 3-Step Program that brings to light where you are now, where you want to be in the future and how to get there! I mentor those who need help in this regard.


People ask; “how can you give counselling and your time for FREE?” Luke 6:31 says: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” It is my way of giving back to the community and you have absolutely nothing to lose. The service is offered free once a donation is given. This can be from £5 to £60 to any of the charities listed below. Time given to this therapy work is in hope that it will help someone whose life appears to be troublesome. And your kind donation will contribute toward changing many vulnerable lives. You can CLICK on these websites for direct information:

Good News Broadcasting Association []
Mission Aviation Fellowship []
Hope Gardens India []

Hear Modern Hymns By Neil S on SoundCloud. Hi, my name is Neil, and I have Asperger’s as well as PTSD and chronic illness that causes pain. As I endure these illnesses, I think about how the Lord has been with me since I was four years old. And has blessed me with the ability to write songs for Him. These are Worship songs that I dedicate to Jesus. All the music and instruments are played by me, as well as I do all the singing. The writing and recording began in April 2020. Praying over the songs, I hope they prove to be a blessing to help others hear God's word. The sole purpose for doing this is that it will help others have food, water, clothing, shelter, and medical aid. You can find my songs under the name of Dave Schaffer, who has kindly let me use his account as I am not a fan of having my name on the internet. You can also find information on my Facebook page Emmaus Walk AD. So far, the Lord has blessed me with over 50 songs with 4,500 listeners across the entire globe and in many non-Christian countries to date. Praise Jesus for this.