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Counselling online – hello and welcome!

My name is Monica Forrester, hello and welcome to my webpage. Please feel free to look around.

Are you feeling a sense of anger, sadness, grieving over the loss of a loved one, or you may be anxious about work, have guilt you dare not talk about? It could be that you are at a lost and totally confused. The fact is problems don’t go away they just escalate one after another and right now it may be difficult to face them or to know which way to turn. Counselling online enables you to write and “get things off your chest” how you feel now! And after you have calmed down you can reflect on those feelings. Whichever way you wish to send this to me; at the time of your anger or after quiet reflection, this allows me to go through and highlight those problems you indicate of great concern and for me to reflect over them so that I can respond to you. Depending on the scale of the issue this may be between 24 and 48 hours.

People’s lives are of paramount importance to me; my aim is to work with honesty and integrity at all times. You can see more about how I came into counselling and mentoring on the About Me page, and about the way I work on the How I Work page.

Areas of counselling

You can send an email to or for a brief consultation
text/phone: +44(0)798 2040767. Please see my Contact page for more details.

Professional Cover

I have Professional Liability Insurance cover and am also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ico). This means your personal information is confidential and treated securely as such always.